Creatives Responses,

A little thought map that helps me to know where I am:


Below is a photo I took whilst at Houghton Hall. It is so distant from the thinking and reasoning of the sculptures, their meanings, the history, the relationships and complexities with my fellow humans. Here is the link to my former existence, a child, barefoot and wild on another continent. There, on that hot land, despite the rising and setting of the sun,  life seemed outside the passage of time. A pile of dust around a hole was a great and exciting mystery, to have a stick of stiff savannah grass pushed to dislodge whatever creature was within. What could be more important than have awe and wonder? It seems that this world does not exist here in England, but it does, it is I that have changed. I have adulthood, responsibility and the whole stupid human-centric mess we "civilised" creatures have made.