B7 Artworld, Awareness of Professional Contexts




Popular culture, Credits, Burning Man, Films. Outsider Art. Everyman art.

Cross pollination

Bourriaud and post production, Ted Talk re appropriation. Money, for the struggling, for the greedy.


Artworld. The many villages in that world, my attempts at integration, my own transdisciplinarian journey. The museum and top gallery world, biennale, the jobbing painter, the portraitist, the still life painter. Plein Air painting. Community artist, art therapy. Hobby teaching. Affordable art. Art as an investment vehicle. Shades of grey. The functional art, digital production entertainment, decor. Popular culture, film pop video, memes, credits self-produced work, the availability of creative software outsider art. Where is the line, is there a line? The elitist attitudes yet the importance of high art. A paradox. Vivian Meier the photographer.